Democracy and EU enlargement in the Western Balkans: Can there be one without the other?

Analysis (Regional Youth Compact for Europe project)

Author: Nikola Burazer, European Western Balkans

“There has been much debate about the state of democracy in the world in recent years. While there have been improvements in the levels of democracy in certain parts of the world, global trends have largely been negative. Not only that international indexes which measure levels of democracy have shown steady global decline in the state of democracy in the world in recent years, but also that democracy in threatened in some countries of the ‘global West’. Even inside the European Union, some of its member states have suffered sharp declines in the state of democracy, a finding that correlates well with the actual state of play in EU politics, where there have been clashes around the rule of law in these countries and about the nature of core ‘European values’.

As a region covered by the EU enlargement process and with declared prospects for EU membership of the countries it is comprised of, the Western Balkans finds itself in a special position.” (…)


Nikola Burazer – Democracy and EU enlargement in the Western Balkans: Can there be one without the other?

This Analysis has been produced under the project Regional Youth Compact for Europe 

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