“I was impressed by the ease of dialogue that was formed between us lecturers and students. Even more impressive was the effortlessness with which they found a compromise for ideas they did not agree on. At least for us, the impression was that we are on the trail of a generation that will understand politics much more humanely than the current one, that we are on the trail of a generation among whom one can find representatives whose life and political philosophy is marked by anti-Machiavellianism, as an essential feature of political doctrine directed towards a world based on embracing human needs. I am thankful to them, for restoring my optimism. »

Prof. Dr. Sulejman Hrnjica, lecturer and moderator


“POLITEIA educates young people according to the modern concept of democracy by promoting civic forms of behavior, such as trust in people, responsibility for their social environment, helping others, especially people in need, encouraging initiative, empathy and altruism and prosocial behavior in general – self-activism, self-help, solidarity and volunteer work. In fact, the school directs students to those forms of civic behavior that reduce psychological, social, and economic barriers and strengthen social cohesion, democracy, and social well-being.  ”

Marija Kolin

lecturer at POLITEIA School

Voluntary Sector Research Group, Belgrade





“Politeia has shown how an individual can be equal among equals, equal among different, a citizen with all his or her freedoms and, above all, a citizen who respects the laws that respect the citizen. We have entered a new world of the state of law, civil liberties and respect. With our mediators, we learned how wonderful it is to speak and be heard, how to listen and be respected. Politeia opened the door to a world we have not had access to so far because our education so far has never given us that. So, Politeia is everything you have always wanted to know about democracy, and you did not dare to ask. Politeia – the most beautiful feeling of freedom. Thanks for bringing a smile back to my face and teaching me not to be afraid of freedom. »

Aleksandra Vidanović, 5th year student


“These 10 days that I spent at the Politeia school shook me up and made me think about some things that were suppressed somewhere in me. This is my first experience of participating in a school like this. For the first few days, I felt like I had “fallen off Mars” compared to other students who came from colleges that covered the topics covered by this School. But, for this very reason, I am convinced that I have benefited much more from them in terms of gaining new knowledge and experience.

I have rarely had public appearances in front of an audience before and that is why it was difficult for me to relax in front of such a large audience, but I think that I have largely improved it thanks to the Politea school.


Marija Vrčinac,

Student of the Faculty of Agriculture


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