POLITEIA INSTITUTE platform presents an innovative online space for educating citizens from the Western Balkans. POLITEIA INSTITUTE contributes to the improvement of knowledge, gaining experience through the exchange of ideas and the creation of new programs for the development of democracy, civic activism and cooperation in the Western Balkans.

Politeia Institute develops programs in the areas of:

– Democratic institutions

– EU integration

– Promotion and protection of fundamental rights

– Youth and employment

– Citizen participation in decision making

– Principles of good governance

– Multiculturalism in management and business

– Global processes and socio-economic development

The POLITEIA INSTITUTE platform provides an opportunity for gathering, team learning, exchange of experiences and good practices using the advantages of digital technology. The POLITEIA INSTITUTE platform enables its users to more easily engage in social public dialogue and it connects different stakeholders.

POLITEIA INSTITUTE platform through lectures, workshops and panels, as well as accompanying materials, provides an opportunity for citizens to acquire new knowledge, improve skills important for activism in local community, empower them to more effectively protect their rights, to develop new friendships and partnerships through regional and European level. The POLITEIA INSTITUTE platform also contains masterclasses with highly positioned academic experts.

If you want to learn something specific and don’t know who to contact, Politeia Institute is the right place for you. We will prepare trainings according to your needs. We will design the topics based on your priorities.

POLITEIA INSTITUTE regional platform is launched through the project “Regional Youth Compact for Europe” which is financially supported by the European Union and the Balkan Trust for Democracy.

The idea about Politea school emerged in early 1997 during large civic and student protests in Serbia


34 courses with 1740 students

1998 - 2012

POLITEA goes regional


POLITEA goes digital



Started in 1998

Politeia allumni: 1800 fellows from Serbia, Western Balkans and Turkey

More than 100 scholars, experts, practioners and politicians on the School curriculum

Donors since 1998: EU, USAID-OTI, Open Society Foundation, GMF- Balkan Trust for Democracy, Olof Palme International Center, National Endowment for Democracy, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Konrad Adenauer Foundation


– 28 courses one week courses School for Civil Society: 1560 students

– 6 one-week courses: School for Social and Political Leadership: 180 students

– First Parliamentary internship program in Serbia in 2001: 4 one-month programs for 40 students!

2019 Politeia Goes Regional: 25 students from WB6

2020 Politeia Goes Digital: Politeia Institute – Online Platform for Education and Development www.politiea.institute

2021 Spring Online Course Western Balkans School for Youth Participation, 30 students from WB6 & Turkey

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