Politeia lecture – Prof. Andreas Gross (15.05.2021)

Saturday, May 15, 2021. || Politeia Studio

Participants of the regional “POLITEIA Western Balkans School for Youth Participation” had the opportunity to participate in the lecture and discussion on the topic “The underdeveloped EU-Democracy reduces it`s integrative capacity”.

The lecture to the participants of the Politeia School was held by Prof. Andreas Gross (former MP and Chair of the PACE Political Committee, Switzerland). Introduction was given by Natasa Vučković, Executive Director of the Center for Democracy Foundation.

Andreas Gross expressed satisfaction that he is a lecturer at the Politeia school. He is glad that he has a chance to exchange opinions with students on ideas that can improve the situation in Europe.

We need democracy today more than before. Many EU citizens feel alienated and therefore oppose enlargement. Countries who want to become members of the EU, have a special interest in democratizing the EU.

Professor Gross believes that the EU treaties and agreements should be replaced by a federal European Constitution. This constitution would clearly delegate sovereignty to the European level, which allows for the creation of a sovereign European community, but in a democratic way. Such a constitution would imply that nation states transfer part of their sovereignty to the European level for pre-defined competencies and policies.

Today, because of globalization, there is need to create a true transnational, European democracy. A nation-state in the face of globalization cannot defend democracy. The main argument for European integration, 70 years ago, was peace. Today, the main argument is democracy.

In his opinion, for every democrat, the federal European constitution is important, because it produces what the EU lacks the most. It creates a common transnational identification, integration of diversity, civic, national and regional participation, decentralized administration, transnational political power, direct legitimacy and a clear division of power and responsibility.

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