The Center for Democracy Foundation organised training for trade unions on the topic ‘Gender Perspective in Designing and Monitoring Public Policies’ via its educational and training programmes.

The training has been designed for decision makers and other relevant actors in public administration and local communities (cities/towns/municipalities), employers (legal entities, companies, business associations), trade unions, citizens’ associations, and other civil society organisations, etc.

The programmes deal with the following topics: Gender, gender concepts and terminology, the gender gap and forms of gender inequality, legal and policy frameworks for gender equality, integrating gender perspectives in public policy and other.

This training empowers participants to understand the gender mainstreaming of public policies, as a set of strategic approaches and processes that serve to achieve gender equality.

The aim of the training is to bring the process of introducing a gender perspective closer to those who participate in the creation and monitoring of public policies, keeping in mind domestic legislation as well as United Nations and European Union standards and practices.

The training is held by an experienced team of lecturers and experts from the Center for Democracy Foundation.

For more information about this programme, please contact us via email at or by calling us at: (011) 2646671, 3627780 (Milena Mićović Trajković).

Center for Democracy Foundation

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