The world belongs to young people

Regional Youth Dialogue for Europe Project 

Can the world be imagined without the contribution of young people? It is actually an infantile question. It is enough to turn your eyes a little from the past and you will be convinced that the world has moved forward thanks to the commitment of young people. They have made revolutions, developed the economy and gave value to life everywhere in the world! Today, more than ever, the future is in the hands of young people, not only because technology is closer to them, but also because the only way to ensure the freedoms and rights of people everywhere in the world lacks their maximum commitment.

Even more so in this small country of ours but with a still young population.

Democracy in Albania could not even be thought of without student youth and its great movements that marked history! However, in Albania, the need for youth participation in political and social life is more than a necessity, it is an urgent need because: – The generations that brought democracy, inspired by freedom but unaccustomed to true democracy, without a legacy of civic political culture, have turned politics into a playground where clan interests are played and where power is recycled on the basis of the democratic show. After 30 years, the youth elite of the 90s today is not only not paving the way for the new generation, but is making every effort to keep this generation out of politics, as a spectator who applauds according to political preferences. -Albanian social life has many problems inherited and acquired during these 30 years, so the participation of youth in social life, their engagement in public life is an urgent need. -There is an “enemy” that stands on the shoulder of today’s youth besides the pressure exerted by the government. This “enemy” is technology and social networks that often make young people indifferent and focus young people’s activity on virtual “revolts”.

For all this, it is necessary to engage young people in youth associations, in social and political organizations. Today there are several initiatives that make young people “touch” with their minds and hands the engagement in society and politics. Universities should be the laboratories of these initiatives. In universities, the generation that looks to the future is scientifically, psychologically and organizationally prepared. The intellectual elites who work in universities inspire and they have the primary task of encouraging new thinking, engaging it young people as citizens, the creation of a person with a democratic political culture. And democratic culture means first of all Participation! “Laboratories” of youth engagement should be established in universities. “Youth Act” is one of them, that near BARLETI University already has an activity that any association or youth organization would be honored to have as a partner.

“Youth act” has shown for years that encouraging young people to become part of political and social life means helping the future of the country, and enabling a “different” education from the classical one.

If we manage to produce ideas and encourage youth activity, we have managed to take a safe step in creating a new political culture in Albania! It is everyone’s duty!

Author: Prof. As. Dr. Zamira Çavo

* This publication was funded by the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the Youth Act Center and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.