Spring School – Law and Gender

We are inviting you to register for the Spring School – Law and Gender, which will be held at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade from April 19th to May 3rd due to the proposed agenda. The School will be conducted in a hybrid way, the webex video link is https://pravni.webex.com/meet/dragicav

This School also means the pilot realization of the future master’s program Law and Gender, which the academic staff of the Faculty of Law UB has created together with the colleagues from the European universities in Sweden, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Agenda is available in pdf, as well as within the link http://lawgem.ius.bg.ac.rs/announcement-of-the-call/ (there is included the registration form, which requires submitting of a short CV).

The school is for free. It is held in English. Besides the mandatory courses there are 11 optional courses among which the attendants choose five. After completing the Spring School the attendants receive certificates with designated attended courses. Catering will be provided each working day for attendants in person.

The Spring School Law and Gender has had importance for all branches of higher education, while the program of the School has a multidisciplinary character and the legal dimension of gender equality is significant for all spheres of education and social life.